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Hired Nathan for real estate and probate case. Couldn’t be happier with how he handled things. He was great about communicating what what happenening and what to expect. While being a true professional, he is easy to work with. It has been a pleasure and I would recommend to anyone. – Rob

I have used Krogh Law Firm twice for my real estate business and am very happy with my experience. Nathan helped with purchasing a property and made the transition very smooth for us. I found him to be professional, personal, and affordable. I would definitely recommend him and will use him again in the future. – Client

Nathan represented myself and my brother in a real estate law suit as well as our fathers probate process. He kept us well informed and ensured all of us were on the same page. He kept a professional attitude even though our situation was a complete mess with individuals that were incompetent to say the least. We have been very pleased with Nathan as our lawyer and plan to hire him for our wills. We would recommend him to anyone. – Client

Nate was referred to me in 2014 to get legal advice on several adverse real estate deeds that had been effected without my knowledge. Nate’s knowledge and expertise proved to be invaluable to me and I have had to seek his advice and recommendations on numerous occasions.

Nate realizes the seriousness of real estate issues and has always immediately returned my phone calls and conducted follow up to ensure compliance. I highly regard his trustworthiness and due to his knowledge and analytical capabilities he is able to keep attorney fees to a minimum.

I am eternally grateful that Nate was referred to me and I would highly recommend Nathan Krogh to anyone in need of his services. – Client

Nathan has been an invaluable resource to our Board and represented us in matters of lien enforcement, foreclosure advisement, rental restrictions and amendment of governing documents. Nathan is prompt and articulate in his communication to us and provides sound and well-thought advice and analysis on issues we have presented to him. Our Association will continue to use Krogh Law Firm for all of our Association’s common interest community and real property needs because Nathan has proven to be a reliable and knowledgeable attorney who provides a high level of service to us. – Staci

Mr. Krogh represented me in a defense of a cancellation of contract for deed. Mr. Krogh was very knowledgeable and honest with us. He let us know what we needed to do and all fees that might come up. He was great at returning my calls/ emails, most calls were returned within an hour. I tend to worry, so it was great that I did not have to worry long. My calls were returned and because of that so was my piece of mind. I plan to keep using Mr. Krogh for my contract needs and would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney. – Chris

Nathan helped me a great deal with my probate case. He was very detailed, honest, very supportive. He gave me very good legal advice. Without having Nathan legal aid, my probate case won’t have gone smoothly as it did. I would definitely recommend Nathan. I enjoyed working with him. – Client

I hired Nathan to represent my interests in a garden variety, single family, residential, real estate transaction here in Minnesota. Even though I am a lawyer, I don’t practice real estate law and wanted a true expert to advise me wisely. Enter Nathan with his “Board Certified Real Property Specialist” designation from the Minnesota State Bar Association.

Nathan’s advice in preparing the purchase agreement and especially the seller’s disclosure was excellent. And he looked after the closing with professional care and minimized my costs while I was free to pursue my own business and take care of our residential move.

Nathan handles far more complex transactions than mine and also litigates complex real estate and probate cases. But I can truthfully testify that he handled the sale of my home with skill and insight resulting in a smooth and successful transaction. This lawyer is a happy client and will use Nathan on future real estate deals. – John

At a time of crisis, I needed an expert in his field who was honest and reasonable. This is what I found at Krogh Law Firm. Nathan Krogh handle all matters associated with the probate of my late companion after her year long illness. Since this time, Nathan has also assisted me with the challenge of dealing with the laws associated with the care of my elderly mother. I highly recommend Nathan, and he is the attorney of record on my legal documents. DS – Dale

My husband and I had wills done recently, and we are so appreciative of the service that we received at the Krogh Law Firm. Mr. Krogh met with us promptly after sending a questionnaire to fill out with our requests. At the meeting he provided us with a variety of options and then thoroughly explained laws that would benefit us. He efficiently prepared the wills and made the process so easy! We are appreciative of his knowledge, and the great service and price that we received. We would recommend him highly. – Denise

“I had homeowners that insisted that we signed a lease extension, yet they couldn’t produce a signed lease, and were threatening to sue me for several month’s rent. I have worked with Mr. Krogh for years, so I simply responded to the owner’s emailed demand by copying Mr. Krogh on the communication and directing the owner to please do the same moving forward. When I awoke the next morning, Mr. Krogh had reviewed the conversation thread, composed a well-articulated response, and I have not heard from them since. This is one of many reasons Mr. Krogh has been my real estate attorney for nearly a decade.” – Rich

My wife and I have used Nathan many times for real estate issues. The first one was a legal issue with a Homeowners Association. Since then we have used Nathan to sell 2 homes on a contract for deed and to help our son purchase our daughter’s home.

The biggest benefit to us is Nathan’s responsiveness. When buying or selling a home there is a large number of forms that need to be filled out and revised as the sale progresses. Every slight change can result in a major delay. Nathan is extremely responsive to these changes and provided us with very rapid turnaround on documents.
Nathan also has a wealth of knowledge of real estate issues. However, if he’s not sure on something he will not guess. He will double check the answer and make sure it’s right before we moved forward.

With Nathan we know that everything is being done correctly and legally. We would recommend him to anyone. – Steve

My wife and myself chose to leave our assets to our children via the trust method. The Krogh Law Firm advised us on the choice of trusts, the pros and cons of each and then generated the trust documents. Costs were determined upfront and adhered too. Nathan did the complicated transfers to the trust. Under Nathan’s supervision, we did the easy transfers. We felt confident being involved in the process. Nathan was very easy to understand, enthusiastic and very enjoyable to work with. Nathan came highly recommended and we delightfully pass on that recommendation. – Carl

“Nathan provided me with probate services. He was efficient, knowledgeable, and responded promptly to my questions during the probate process. I would recommend Nathan to others because of his excellent service.” – Client

“I interviewed 4 law firms before selecting the Krogh Law Firm to settle my mom’s estate which included a home, brokerage account and personal assets. Nathan had the estate and real-estate background I was looking for, but most important he seemed like someone I could work well with without being nickel-and-dimed in the process. This turned out better than I had hoped; he did a superb and cost effective job. While Nathan was knowledgeable, his communication skills and responsiveness set him apart from other attorneys. As a result of this positive experience, I recommended Nathan to other family and friends who had him do estate planning work. Then, I subsequently worked with Nathan again as executor of another more complex estate where his people skills dealing with 12 heirs was vital to a successful closing. I highly recommend Nathan to others who want a trustworthy, competent, responsive, cost effective attorney who is a delight to work with.” – Client

“We used Nate’s services in order to help us execute my Aunt’s will. Nate handled all the legal stuff – showing up in court, filing official papers and documents, posting notifications to heirs – in such a way as to free me up to write checks, sell the home, and distribute assets with no worries. He answered all my questions and was a big help. And his charge was reasonable – only half an arm and a leg – and he was worth every penny of it.” – Client

I was referred to Nathan Krogh in a panic due to an errant foreclosure by Citi Mortgage (yes, banks DO make mistakes!). Citi was unwilling to listen to me until Nathan became involved. Through his efforts, the foreclosure was reversed, and Citi offered a loan modification that I had been fighting on my own to receive for almost two years. Were it not for Nathan’s efforts, I believe that my family and I would have lost the home we have enjoyed for many years. Throughout this ordeal, Nathan treated me with the utmost respect and compassion; I knew from the moment I met him that he was my ally! I highly recommend him for any real estate negotiations. – Client

I live in California and due to some unfortunate circumstances I decided to let my house in Minnesota go back to the lender. After checking out several attorneys in the St Paul area, I chose Nathan Krogh to represent me. This was the best decision I ever made. Nathan was very thorough in dealing with the lender (this lender is known to be extremely difficult to deal with) and kept me up-to-date on all transactions. I was also very impressed by his communications. Nathan always got back to me quickly with detailed answers to my questions or inquiries – and he explained them in simple language that I could easily understand. Being 2,000 miles away I needed someone I could trust and I found that someone in Nathan. The final outcome of this issue was in my best interest and I owe that to Nathan’s skills in this area. I highly recommend Nathan if you need a good attorney. – Mary